Host a Party

Host A Party

Jewelry parties are essential to our work at WAR, Int’l. When you host a jewelry party, your house becomes a haven of hospitality, safety, and restoration for women around the world. You respond to our overseas partners’ frequent prayers for more jewelry sales. By inviting friends and family into your home, you raise awareness about the struggles that women face and ignite passion in others who might soon host their own jewelry parties. You empower rescued women to earn an income with dignity far from their lives in slavery. Also, your participation in rescuing, redeeming, restoring, and empowering women around the world costs you nothing but your time.


It’s almost 7’oclock and the guests will be arriving soon. You sneak a quick look at yourself in the mirror and tuck a few wisps of hair back into place. You smooth the red tablecloth and rearrange some of the necklaces until they shine under the light of your favorite lamp. You open the door and the guests enter, hurrying over to the table to ooh and ahh over the woven bracelets, silk scarves, and pearl earrings. When you explain that the jewelery is both beautiful, and meaningful, purses open and smiles spread throughout the room.

Hostess Testimonial:

My daughter and I hosted our first WAR jewelry chest party and it was an incredible experience!!! PLEASE consider hosting one…it only requires your time and your space! They shipped everything to us and the handcrafted items are BEAUTIFUL!!! We sold $2100 at our Open House, and then I just shipped it all back, with included labels. It could not have been more easy! Thank you WAR, we’ll definitely do it again!!!