• Sold Movie


    Published May 12, 2016 Special One-Night Screening Celebration Cinema North, (Wave Room and Theatre) 2121 Celebration Dr NE, GR 49525 June 28, 2016 Ticket Price: $20 Doors open at 5:45 p.m. Join WAR, Int’l for an inte ...

    Sold Movie
  • Earthquake in Ecuador


    Published May 6, 2016 The deadliest quake in South America since 1999 recently shook Ecuador. Authorities continue to count the dead, and that number has now surpassed 654. Another 58 people have been confirmed missing. Ec ...

    Earthquake in Ecuador
  • National Day of Prayer


    Published May 5, 2016 As believers in Christ, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe that prayer breaks strongholds and can set the captives free. On Thursday, May 5, 2016, our country will participate in the 65 th ...

    National Day of Prayer
  • Lakshmi


    Published April 12, 2016 From the Heart of Our President: Several years ago, I met an Indian girl named Lakshmi. She cowered in the corner, twitching and acting out bizarre behavior while I spoke to the leaders of her safe ho ...

  • Touchdowns and Trafficking


    Published January 23, 2016 February is known for many things: Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, the beginning of Mardi Gras, and even Groundhog Day. But, maybe one of the most iconic “holidays” in February has become Sup ...

    Touchdowns and Trafficking
  • Rewriting Her Story


    Published November 24, 2015 Women At Risk, International is passionate about change—about bringing hope to the broken, freedom to the oppressed, and dignity to the downtrodden. There is no greater joy for us than to see women ...

    Rewriting Her Story


Women At Risk, International (WAR, Int’l) is a Grand Rapids-based, nonprofit organization, established to create circles of protection around at-risk women and children. Through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects and partnerships, we provide safe places to heal from abuse, trafficking, exploitation, and more. Our passion is to empower survivors to live and work with dignity and hope.

WAR, Int’l enables the creation of safe places for women and children and also gives a voice to their silenced cries. By educating communities about risk issues and providing individuals with practical ways to take action, we extend our reach through you.

Our programs and partnerships span the globe, reaching over 40 countries, including the United States. Each month, additional projects and partnerships are formed, increasing our ability to offer the rescued and at-risk a “hand-up” instead of a handout.

This year, WAR Int’l celebrates it’s 10th year of rescuing, redeeming, and empowering those at-risk as a formal, incorporated 501c3 entity. Our theme for 2016 is “Sent to Serve,” with a focus on servant leadership. Christ came, not to be served, but to serve. This truth can be found at the very core of Women At Risk, Int’l, and we look forward to sharing our heart with you this year through this very theme.

We are passionate about being a safe place to those we rescue. They have been denied safety in their lives and are desperate for it. Years of working with the wounded around the world has taught us that when you get rid of all the cultural details, one fact remains: no one heals until he or she feels safe. But, every culture, even every sub-culture, defines safety differently. This is why a safe house in one culture will look radically different from a safe house in another culture in the WAR world of partners. We understand it takes a committed group of people to walk a journey with the wounded, and we are passionate about becoming safe havens for the least of these.

Understand the Risks

Discover helpful tips, action plans, and ways to protect the innocent from the hands of the trafficker.

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What can I do?

There are many ways you can get involved NOW, from volunteering your time to raising awareness.

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Shop with a Purpose

A treasure chest of hand-crafted gits made by or sold in support of at-risk and rescued women worldwide.

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ECFA is an accreditation agency that provides organizations like WAR, Int’l  with financial accountability. As an ECFA member, WAR, Int’l aligns its practices with high steward standards, ensuring excellence and honesty in all its financial dealings. To view a complete list of stewardship standards, please visit www.ecfa.org.