Volunteering: Extending Arms of Love

It is no secret that our volunteers are the backbone and foundation of this organization. The precious time and talent they sacrifice provides tangible hope for rescued and at-risk women. A few hours a week makes it possible to offer women and children places of safety. war-volunteer-03   Over time and with enough volunteers, OKthose few hours multiply into hundreds, adding value and impact beyond imagination. The volunteers at WAR, Int’l serve selflessly each week, giving themselves and their energy for the wellbeing of others. This is one way arms of love are wrapped around at-risk women.

war-volunteer-02At WAR, volunteers are also a source of blessing and inspiration. One of the greatest joys of volunteering here is experiencing the relationships that form between staff members and fellow volunteers. As weeks pass those relationships mature and bear fruit. We are a family of WARriors. Each member plays a different role, but all work towards the same goal; being a voice for the voiceless. Together we are stronger—and louder. Our volunteers encourage and lift the spirits of WAR, Int’l staff members on a daily basis. When asked how she would describe her experiences at WAR, Mary, one of our devoted volunteers said, “Wonderful. You are surrounded by very caring people all working towards a common goal; to help women who need rescuing. You are part of a bigger cause while being blessed with wonderful friends. It’s like a big family.” Our volunteers are an integral part of this organization and are greatly appreciated and esteemed.

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. This is a small list of the work available for volunteers of all ages, talents, and abilities:

  • Use your organizational talents and administrative skills to help WAR be more efficient and in turn, allow us to reach more women
  • Restock handmade products that directly empower and provide a living for rescued and at-risk women.
  • war-volunteer-01Help out in our garage where products arrive and are shipped out to different events and product parties.
  • Research risk-issues or possible venues for WAR to speak at and spread the word.
  • Through simple data entry, make it possible for WAR to communicate with more people, businesses, and organizations in order to raise anti-trafficking awareness.
  • Tag and package jewelry and other handcrafted products as a way of supporting women who need to make a living and have a place of safety.
  • Organize a variety of donated goods that provide comfort and encouragement to rescued women and their children.

Whether you live near or far there are ways to volunteer your time, talent, or treasure:

  • Partner with your a local soup kitchen, domestic abuse center, or school
  • Donate online or through the mail, regularly or as a one-time gift
  • Pray for the endeavors of WAR and the women who are beginning a new life
  • Host a WAR party or a community event
  • Vote on new products via email
  • Become an intern
  • Create unique cards of encouragement for rescued women

lyn-vanderLaan-groupDo you want to get a group involved? Are you hoping to volunteer? Join our family of WARriors! All you have to do is contact Michelle Griffeth, our Volunteer Coordinator, with any questions you may have. Once you are ready she will help schedule a day that works for you. Do not hesitate to call her at (616)-855-0796 or email her at volunteer@warinternational.org.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by staff members when asked to share their appreciation for our volunteers:

“I love our volunteers! It is so encouraging to see so many wonderful people selflessly giving of their time and talents. They are an encouragement and offer a breath of fresh air!”

“I enjoy walking through the volunteer center, meeting volunteers and getting to know them. It’s so neat that you give your time. You inspire me. I think, “I should volunteer too!”

“I deeply thank each of you for your commitment and hard work for WAR. Thank you for your countless hours of service which bless our rescued and at-risk women around the world. We have the best volunteers around!”

“There is nothing that warms my heart more in this building than to walk through the volunteer center and hear the wonderful buzz of volunteers cheerfully filling the room. I love how they have bonded and built friendships over projects and tasks that serve wounded women around the world. The thought of it just makes me smile.”

“You keep our building running. Without your day in day out, detailed work, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

“Thank you for giving your time, talent, and treasure. You make it possible to provide women and children places of safety.”

“Each day I find myself taking a sanity walk right into the volunteer center. I feel it is one of the safest, warmest places in this building; one I run to for encouragement and a gentle reminder of why we do what we do. Thank you for being the light in my day!”

“I think of the Greek word parakaleo. It means to be called to one’s side. Our volunteers have truly come alongside and partnered up with us. That means so much.”


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