#2 – The Scarlet Cord (Early March, 2012)

The Scarlet Cord

Early March, 2012

As soon as Becky, WAR, Int’l founder and president, heard about the baby in a box, she tried everything she could to save her. Simply asking the brothel’s madam for Sweetie didn’t work, so Becky approached another organization, asking them to do a rescue. Becky also asked if the mother would ever be allowed to take the baby outside the brothel for a walk and “disappear” so they could get to a partner’s safehouse. Due to the serious danger of the situation and the fear that our partner would be blamed, everything Becky tried was put on hold.

On another visit to the brothel, our Indian partners saw Sweetie sitting next to a drainage ditch filled with condoms, needles, and sewer rats. She had started to crawl and get into things, so the brothel owner tied her ankle to a pole with a red cord, preventing her from wandering off.

Baby Sweetie with red cord tied to poleBecky decided to send a Pack’n Play for Sweetie, and asked our partners to give it to the madam, trading the red cord for the Pack’n Play. The woman agreed, and the red cord is now in WAR headquarters, attaching her to our hearts and reminding us to pray for her freedom.


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