#14 – Good news, Bad news

Visit with Sweetie
An Update from the President
April 2020

Sweetie is growing and doing well in school. She has learned to write and sweetie and siblingsspeaks fluent English! On my latest visit, we held a “jungle-themed” party for her and her foster siblings. What a delight it was!

Incredible news: Sweetie’s biological mom has finished her sewing training, has a good job, and is now encircled by a church family. She is still fragile and unable to raise Sweetie.

Grave Concern: This young mom, once trafficked as a teen, doesn’t understand internet danger, and she is excited about a “guy” she met on the internet. This concerns us. Please pray she’ll leave Sweetie in the careful care of her foster family.

Every day is a victory, but every day is also fraught with danger. There’s still a long way to go until Sweetie reaches age 18 when we can get her “out of Dodge” and into a safe college far away. That is my dream, but God alone is in charge of this little life.

My personal commitment is to stay faithful, remain involved and continue praying for daily miracles in this precious child’s life.


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