#10 – Praying and Fasting for Freedom (December 2015)

Praying and Fasting for Freedom:

December, 2015

From Becky: Weekly we get news on Sweetie, even if it is just status quo. Our partners see her every time they go on outreach, which is many times a week. The latest picture shows her growing up and her tiny face is developing as a sweet and pretty child. I’ll be honest, that makes my heart ache. In the last picture we received, her head was shaved which means either she has been sick with a fever, or had lice.  Shaving the head is a standard response to these two issues. No news may seem like a terrible thing, and while we wish we had more news to share, we are thankful she is alive and that God’s not done. We hope that you’ll take this time of silence to pray harder and more ardently for this precious little girl, knowing that the WAR family longs for her freedom just as you do.

From HQ: We also urge you to pray for our president, Becky McDonald, as she travels to that part of Asia in January 2016. Pray that as she meets, once again, with Sweetie’s owners, hearts would be opened and the victory won. Pray that the two adults (neither of which is her mother, who is also a slave), who hold Sweetie’s life and freedom in their hands would be willing to meet again. The “madam” is currently traveling between her “businesses” and is not always in town. She knows our president is coming. Because of the nature of this business, there are emergencies that pull them away at a moment’s notice, so we never know for sure whether or not she will be in town for a meeting. We know that God has this situation in the palm of his hand, and we will continue to do our part here at WAR, Int’l, through prayer and fasting.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, whether you’ve been with Sweetie since the beginning or you’re just hearing about her dire situation. It will take the Body of Christ to intercede on this little girl’s behalf. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Sweetie, please click here to read the full story and to see a picture of Sweetie.


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