Uganda Magazine Jewelry

When Alice lost her five year old daughter to AIDS, she felt paralyzed by grief. Yet she could not ignore the many others grieving around her, especially those orphans mourning the loss of their protectors and providers. Burdened by their helplessness, Alice mustered the strength to become a mother again, this time to the motherless. With funds from the jewelry program, she now supports six orphans, earning just enough income to send them to school. As her family grew, so did Alice’s heart for those in her village. At the jewelry center, she teaches other at-risk women and children how to work with dignity and support themselves. She also serves as a community counselor, leading support groups and educating nearby neighborhoods about HIV/AIDS prevention. Despite the hopelessness spread by the AIDS epidemic, Alice has transformed her story of suffering into one of purpose and renewal, breathing hope back into her hurting community.


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