Safely Home


REPATRIATION Over 800,000 women and children a year are taken from their homes and sold into sexual slavery, enforced labor, or any number of trapped or exploitative situations. Over 70% of the women are sold into sexual slavery. Women who are trafficked and scammed to foreign countries long to return to their families and home lands. Sometimes this is possible. Other times, their families will take their lives in an honor killing if their daughter has been sexually exploited and thus “shamed.” Sometimes their home situation caused them to be sold in the first place and it has not improved. It is our job to determine how to get them home safely. Sometimes a simple ticket is sufficient. Sometimes we have to give them job training first so they can go home with an economic incentive for the family to value them. One study reported that 90% of Cambodian girls who received NO job training were re-sold after they returned home. We have partnered in repatriating women from Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and other countries. Each case requires personal and special handling to ensure that they are truly sent safely home. Needs These women need your prayers for their safety, rescue, and repatriation and for their families to be loving, receptive, and supportive of them as they return home. Please pray for the wisdom of our staff as they help these women learn to function in society again and for church plantings in their villages to prevent more victims.


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