Kneeling Mothers

What fuels believers in the face of persecution, darkness, oppression, poverty, injustice? Prayer. In the land of Burma, steeped in Buddhism and antagonistic to the Christian faith, groups of women from different churches unite in prayer. They may not be present together physically, but every Friday morning these women bow before the throne, lifting up their cries, finding grace and mercy. These groups of women are so dedicated to prayer and fasting that they are known as the “Kneeling Mothers.” WAR, Int’l knows that through prayer we can unite with them and support each other with a supernatural comfort and strength. We hear stories of pain and persecution, and we long to wrap our arms around these women and cry with them. We can through prayer. WAR, Int’l is passionate about seeing the body of Christ operating as one body and for American women and Burmese women to operate as one voice. We are asking you to join us in praying with these women. It is a beautiful act of worship and unity to pray together, American men and women gathering in prayer on Thursday nights (Burma being 10 ½ hours ahead of us), while the Burmese women are praying and fasting on Friday mornings. Or, you can commit to forming a prayer circle to pray regularly for these women or adopt a church group as part of your Sunday school. Through WAR, Int’l, you can be connected through information, and through Christ, we can all be connected and supported through prayer.


Become a Circle of Protection