Hope for Africa


Over 90 Swazi women begin to gather. The food centers scattered throughout their rural communities swell as the women arrive. Single mothers, grandmothers, and widows alike—they have come, bringing their smiles as well as their stories of pain and hardship. Soon, the pots begin to boil, women begin to stoop and stir, and more than 3,000 orphans hungrily await a meal. In this land where two-thirds of the population is in utter poverty and more than 120,000 children are orphaned, Hope for Africa is creating circles of safety around the most vulnerable. While local pastors oversee the food centers, our partners offer vocational training, employment, medical care, and educational opportunities to the Swazi women, empowering them through holistic care and self-sustainability. Through Hope for Africa, the women not only find strength for themselves, but the strength to touch the lives of those around them.

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