Garments of Dignity


THAILAND: Night after night, she is forced to wear clothing “of the night.” When she finally escapes, all she has are the nasty clothes on her back. The very clothes give testimony to her lack of dignity. The safe house staff take her shopping for a new wardrobe of jeans, t-shirt, underwear, and toiletries. They change her rags of shame to new robes of purity. She is given new garments of dignity with love and grace and given a new chance at life. At WAR, Int’l, we are passionate about seeing each woman clothed with dignity, reminding her that she is the child of God. We want to provide each woman and child in the safe houses with clothing that will testify to her status as the bride of Christ and a child of the living God. Then each can testify that God “has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness” (Is. 61:10). We believe in giving the gift of simple dignity that comes from wearing clean, comfortable, and pleasing clothing. Every woman understands how clothing impacts her sense of self-worth. We are determined to remove the shame of the past and replace it with the simplicity of comfort.



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