Testimonials 2

 Testimonials Continued

“Dear WAR, Int’l, How can I adequately thank you for taking me seriously when I asked you to train me? Thank you for pouring out your life into mine and so many others from so many various walks of life. Your labor of love in the Lord has not been forgotten…”


“Dear WAR, Int’l, we love you. You are a blessing to us.”


“WAR, Int’l, Thank you for loving us. We love you so much too.”


“WAR, Int’l, I love you. I cannot wait to see you again. I ask about you all the time. The lambs you provided for us are doing great.”
~ Anonymous Safehouse Residents, Michigan.


“Precious WAR Family, thank you so much for letting me intern with you! It has been a
blessing for me in so many ways. Wow! There is so much passion in your ministry! Each
day, my heart was yearning to defeat the devil’s work in the Red Light District! I have
met so many spiritual and on-fire women at WAR. I am thankful I had the opportunity
to shadow your work and watch you all this weekend at the conference. The Holy Spirit
worked in you. I can only pray that one day the Lord will lead me in a position like yours,
that I will be a godly and spiritual leader to millions of women around the world. You are
an inspiration to me….I will be praying for this amazing ministry and volunteering. May
peace and love be with you in Christ alone.”
~ Amanda Joy Gilbert, Kuyper College Intern


“Dear WAR, Int’l Representative: You are the most DYNAMIC and easily understood speaker I have ever heard. Can I just live with you and hear you every day?….You amaze me at what you can accomplish with the Lord. You are a chosen daughter of the King and a true legacy to the faith of Jesus Christ himself….I am writing this letter to share my story with you. I guess sometimes I feel like I wear a veil…because no one in my family or church knows about my past abuse….and now I want to write to you about it. I can’t even imagine what you go through each day, but I do appreciate the personal emails and letters.”
~ BH


Hello, I’ve been called by God to help you. I know I’m only 13, but I know I need to do something about this. So if there’s ever anything you want to pray for, I’ll be here! Also if there’s anything else please email me! Thank You,
~ Brittney


Dear WAR, Int’l, I just wanted to thank you again for your leadership in the ministry God has called you to. It takes a lot of passion, commitment, and ingenuity. God has gifted you, and you have surrendered to His calling. Thank you.
~ Sylvia

“WAR, Int’l, I love how you are so intentional, wanting to whisper Jesus in the ears of wounded women around the world and bring the essence of their culture into the products of distinction that they make.”
~ Amy Laux

“God broke my heart with WAR Int’l’s workshop on human trafficking. I have had human
trafficking on my heart for a while. Now I know something I can do.”

~ TC, New York, Living Your Faith Everyday 2009 Conference