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Testimonials Continued

“Dear WAR, Int’l, today was a life changing day for me. There I was sitting in your in
service, thinking of all the clients I see thru my work, feeling an urgency to somehow
help, and still feeling helpless. You speak with a passion and intensity. I could have
listened to you enlighten us all day. You are fierce about your calling, and I applaud you.
I am 32 year old, single mom of two boys searching for “my calling.” I am in love with
people and know that my life calling is to work with children. The question is, in what
facet? Listening to you today gave me clarity, purpose, and passion. I want to help—
need to be of help—not only to follow my heart but to sleep at night. My passion is to be
of service as a Messenger and/or a Risk Coach….Thank you again for being a light in the
midst of so much darkness. Your voice will resonate with others for a lifetime.”


“Dear WAR, Int’l, thank you for your hard work. I want to share that I wrote a paper
about your work for my graduate psychology class. The topic for the paper was
emerging issues in cross cultural psychology. The teacher was very impressed with your
work. The concluding sentence in the assignment was “With organizations like WAR,
Int’l thinking globally and acting locally perhaps this emergent issue of sex trafficking
may be nipped in the bud.” Thank you again for your hard work.”
~ Laurie Veneklasen


“I attended the CFR Training this past Saturday, and I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. The training was informative, encouraging and timely. I have worked in the domestic violence/ sexual assault field for the past seven years. Approximately three years ago God put a fire inside me for human trafficking. We have so much work to do in Michigan, especially in the SE area, but I am so thankful that WAR has started by paving the way. Thank you for all you do!”
~ Brianna Squibb


“I am also excited for goat projects since Kamala has been doing really well raising
goats…I want to thank you for helping and bringing joy in her life and also enhancing
her relationship with the Lord. I had never thought that one goat has that much power in
someone’s life!”

~ WAR, Int’l Partner, Katmandu, Nepal


“Dear WAR, Int’l….last night I was struggling. I loved our Thai dinner and the beautiful dancers, but….I felt broken, helpless, and definitely out of place. I felt scared for what was to come for those girls. I almost felt like it was “hopeless” for them….I felt that being sensitive and broken for these girls was “hopelessness and weak” on my part…[Later] I experienced a “get a grip girl!” experience from Jesus. Right away I realized this feeling of “weakness” was a LIE….Sensitivity is not weakness….God carried me through…telling me to have a heart for these girls no matter how many times that heart breaks for them. His grace will “glue” it back together….These cracks in my heart are where Jesus can shine through….Thank you for allowing me to come and experience my first lesson.”
~ Beth Stone, Circle Tour Participant from Grand Rapids, Michigan


“One of the key elements of high-impact non-profits is collaborative leadership. Throughout my internship, I observed how WAR, Int’l increases its impact by sharing leadership and delegating responsibility within the team. I am greatly impressed with the talented and driven people at WAR, Int’l. I am inspired by their passionate and dedicated approach to what they do. I am grateful I had the opportunity to work alongside an exceptionally gifted team of leaders that not only collaborates with each other, but recognizes God’s hand in their work as well….I have seen how you meet with government officials, partners with other businesses, and constantly adapt to the environment to stay relevant….I have learned a lot by observing your gifts as a leader and I have been inspired by your passion for the work that you do….You have created a truly remarkable organization.”
~ Kristen Van Zanten, Calvin College Student and WAR, Int’l Intern

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