Meet Liz Midkiff

Liz’s passion is two-fold. She seeks to speak truth to the upcoming generations as they navigate growing up in today’s social media culture as well as to give voice to the once voiceless by highlighting the incredible work of their hands.

Liz is married, a mom of 2 young boys, the creator of the S.T.A.N.D. Classes, an Ambassador for WAR, Int’l, a survivor of human trafficking, and an advocate for survivor artisans.

The S.T.A.N.D. Classes

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Voice of WAR, Int’l

To schedule Liz to speak about the work of WAR, Int’l, provide information on domestic and international human trafficking, share how to respond and get involved, email Liz today at


Endorsement Letter from Rebecca (click here to read)
Rebecca McDonald
Founder & President of Women At Risk, International

“I had the privilege of attending a session led by Liz Midkiff, where she taught my youth group about human trafficking. Liz was incredibly creative and managed to fully engage both the teens and adults present. Through her dynamic teaching, we gained a understanding of human trafficking, learned to identify warning signs, and discovered practical ways for teens to support friends who might be at risk. Liz’s expertise and engaging approach made a impact on all of us. I highly recommend her for any educational program on this important issue.”
Rev. David Starkey
Pine Meadows Wesleyan Church

Liz’s first hand experience with human trafficking in the USA and abroad has made her a sought after teacher on this subject. For the past 20 years Liz has been educating parents, medical employees, social workers, teachers, adults, and kids on human trafficking. As a WAR, Int’l Ambassador Liz also carries a large presence on social media and promotes the items our survivor artisans make from our WAR Chest Boutique. Liz doesn’t sugar coat human trafficking and she prides herself on giving you fresh insight and real life examples so you feel empowered to join the fight. During her time being trafficked, writing poetry was one way she stayed sane. Now wanting to bring that gut wrenching emotion to life she continues to write as she continues to share her story and bring light to the darkness.

~ Traveled with Becky McDonald, founder & president of WAR, Int’l, for out-of-state speaking events to share her story
~ Ran her own company for 5 years to support survivors and raise awareness to fight human trafficking
~ Worked 15 years in the banking industry
~ Served directly with the survivor services at the Buffalo (NY) international Institute.
~ Worked at/with various safe houses
~ Ministered to girls in the red light district of Thailand

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