We recognize that fundraising can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve created a step-by-step list to make the process as pain-free as possible. Let’s be real—running is enough pain as it is.

As responses start trickling—or flooding!—in, TeamWAR will be in touch regularly with updates on your account balance, tips on how to make the hard “asks,” and encouragement to keep slugging it out in the trenches of training and fundraising. We are cheering for you! Our sweat for their tears!

Fundraising through Support Letters

[ ] Download our sample fundraising letter, and sample response card.

[ ] Make a list of every person you know who might be interested in your decision to run and raise funds for Women At Risk, Int’l. Write down each individual that comes to mind; you never know what their response will be!

[ ] Gather e-mail addresses and/or mailing addresses for everyone on your list.

[ ] Write a letter clearly stating your request for sponsorship, your specific fundraising goal, and how your funds will go toward American survivors of human trafficking. We suggest using our provided sample fundraising letter — but don’t forget to add your own personal touch. This letter describes our
cause and includes instructions for donations, but be sure to tell your sponsors your reason for running with TeamWAR!

[ ] Consider your audience; which mode of communication will be the most effective? Does Aunt Gladys check her email every day? Does she even have an email address? Maybe some people on your list are tech-savvy while others would prefer traditional snail mail. Be sure to communicate accordingly in the following ways:

Asking by e-mail:

Copy and paste your letter into an email. Include the link to the WAR donation page( and ask them to include your name and “TeamWAR” in the information boxes. Be sure to attach your response card for any who prefer mailing a check to the WAR headquarters.

Asking by snail mail:

Print off your fundraising letter & print off the provided response cards and include them in your letter.

If you feel like going above and beyond, also include a return envelope pre-addressed to WAR, Int’l.

Women At Risk, Int’l
Attn: TeamWAR
2790 44th St. SW
Wyoming, MI 49519

Other Fundraising Ideas

  • Throw a dinner party or host a meal, asking for a small donation toward your cause!
  • Make an awesome dish or dessert? Deliver a frozen meal to friends and family for a small cost! (Maybe they’ll want two or three or four or ten)
  • Are you crafty? Sell your cute stuff online! Use Etsy, Social Media or other online resources!
  • Know someone who owns a business? Ask them if 10% of one day’s profits can go toward your cause! It’s tax-deductible!
  • Offer up your leaf-raking, snow-shoveling, car-washing, lawn-mowing, babysitting or house-cleaning skills for a day and a small (or big) fee!
  • Have a major garage sale, asking friends and family to donate items to sell instead of cash! Or sell your things on Ebay!
  • Host (or ask your boss to host) a jeans or hat day where co-workers can pay $5 to wear their favorite outfit to work and proceeds go toward your cause!

Helpful Hints

Be direct. Ask specific people. In person is best. Email and social media are good ways to cast a wide net, but don’t underestimate the value of a face-to-face conversation.

Be specific. Know who you’re asking and what they are capable of giving. Ask for specific amounts.

Be bold. Share your fundraising goal, your personal reason for choosing to run with TeamWAR, and a real story of one of our survivors. Invite people to help in a significant way. Together you make a difference in the lives of these women.

Stop talking. Allow some awkward silence. Be patient. Give the person plenty of time to think and respond.

Close the deal. Give clear action steps to sponsors on how to follow through with their commitment. Have a handout ready with reminders and instructions on how to give.

Don’t quit. Not everyone will donate. Don’t give up! Be tenacious. Know that your fundraising will help women like Monique and countless others who need a circle of safety and employment with dignity.

Follow up. Personally thank each one of your sponsors. Tell them the story of training and crossing the finish line. Show them how their support spurred you on and contributed to your cause.

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