For Kids Only!

Nobody likes to do chores. Working is just no fun when you could be playing with your friends. But lots of kids have to do chores all day without ever playing. Some even have to get jobs so they can take care of their families. Other kids are forced to work all day for no money at all! It’s not fun. A lot of these kids don’t have moms or dads, don’t go to school, don’t have enough food, and don’t feel very safe. WAR, Int’l wants to change all that! We make sure they have a safe place to live, people to love them, and lots of time to play and have fun. You can help too! The money you use to buy stuffed animals, sling shots, bracelets, crayons, and other toys at WAR, Int’l goes right to the places that keep kids healthy and happy! You can also come to WAR, Int’l and do all kinds of jobs that help us keep doing this awesome work. Tell your mom, dad, or babysitter—grab a friend and come on over! We need your help!


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