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Endorsements Continued

“As a family of medical professionals, our office waiting rooms hosted WAR trees to fight
human trafficking globally and in Michigan. We were encouraged that our patients wanted to take up this cause with us and they were grateful to us for taking the time to educate them about such an important issue. My husband Dr. Maskill was excited that the response of our staff and patrons was so great. My daughter also hosted a tree in her salon in Chicago, and these one of a kind ornaments went like wildfire there too. We are committed again to get the word out this season and raise awareness and support for Women At Risk, International.”

~ Dr. David and Audrey Maskill, MMPC, Grand Rapids, MI


“The ornaments were so well received by our guests and staff. People felt great knowing that their purchase went to support such a great cause! Hosting the ornaments spurred conversations and raised awareness among our guests.”

~ Leonne, Retail Store Manager, Ferris Nut & Coffee


“Vasaio seeks to “discover the beauty within one individual at a time”, and in doing so shares common values with Women at Risk International in their quest to rescue women caught in the immense evil of human trafficking. One of the greatest rewards we have experienced in being connected with this organization comes when we share “the stories” with clients, watch their jaws drop, and then they clutch the necklace as if they were giving a hug indirectly to the rescued women who made them.”

~ President of Vasaio Life Spa, Grand Rapids, MI


“Our staff loved the ornaments and our clients thought the idea behind them was great! We would love to have them again next year!”

~ Staff of the Jeffery Robert Salon, Chicago


“I must say that WAR, Int’l’s web site is one of the most professionally done sites I’ve seen.
The scope and content are extraordinary. Those are secondary to the mission, of course, but they are noteworthy. Then the video with Natalie Grant moved me to tears.”

~Shirley Liechtry, Administrative Assistant at Speak Up Speaker Services.


“Dear WAR, Int’l, Thank you for your ministry in chapel on Thursday. I am thankful for you and your willingness to share with our students. I earnestly desire that they be challenged by the Word of God on a consistent basis. You have partnered with us in that vein and are assisting us to reach our school’s mission….Thank you! What you shared was pretty sobering. It was great for our students to hear and be made aware.”

~Scott Huckaby, Superintendent of Freedom Christian Schools, Hudsonville, Michigan

Endorsements Continued