“What a huge blessing it was to encourage my American sisters as we ministered together in Thailand! An even greater joy was speaking directly to the beautiful Thai women… Watching their eyes light up, hearing their stories, getting to hug them… oh, my. After 25 years of speaking, I can truly say Circle Tour, 2010 was a mountaintop experience! Women At Risk is an amazing organization, serving with their heads and hearts and hands, extending life-changing messages of hope to women around the world. In whatever ways you can support them, encourage them, and minister with them, say YES to WAR!”

~ Liz Curtis Higgs
Best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible


“You truly let me know I was not just a statistic, I was a human being”

~Survivor & WAR Partner

“It is hard to envision a culture or religion so evil as to encourage and support the enslavement of women and children. Reality check? It is happening every day in almost every nation around the globe.  WAR, an appropriate acronym for Women at Risk International, is going after women and children to save them from brutality, sexual abuse and enslavement. This is a battle you can’t ignore. Get in the battle… join the fight… Women At Risk an investment in rescuing a life.”

~ Brian Jackson
Vice President for Development
Cornerstone University

“These rescued and at risk women are so eager to lean and so amazed at their ability to make something beautiful”

~Jewelry Designer & Trainer

“As a family of medical professionals, our office waiting rooms hosted WAR to fight human trafficking globally and in Michigan. We were encouraged that our patients wanted to take up this cause with us and they were grateful to us for taking the time to educate them about such an important issue. My husband, Dr. Maskill, was excited that the response of our staff and patrons was so great. My daughter also hosted in her salon in Chicago, and these one of a kind ornaments went like wildfire there too. We are committed again to get the word out this season and raise awareness and support for Women At Risk, International.”

~ Dr. David and Audrey Maskill
MMPC, Grand Rapids, MI


“The ornaments were so well received by our guests and staff. People felt great knowing that their purchase went to support such a great cause! Hosting the ornaments spurred conversations and raised awareness among our guests.”

~ Leonne, Retail Store Manager
Ferris Nut & Coffee


“[My spa] seeks to “discover the beauty within one individual at a time,” and in doing so shares common values with Women at Risk, International in their quest to rescue women caught in the immense evil of human trafficking. One of the greatest rewards we have experienced in being connected with this organization comes when we share “the stories” with clients, watch their jaws drop, and then they clutch the necklace as if they were giving a hug indirectly to the rescued women who made them.”

~ President of Vasaio Life Spa
Grand Rapids, MI

“Dear WAR, Int’l, Thank you for speaking. I am thankful for you and your willingness to share with our students. I earnestly desire that they be challenged on a consistent basis. You have partnered with us in that vein and are assisting us to reach our school’s mission….Thank you! What you shared was pretty sobering. It was great for our students to hear and be made aware.”

~ Scott Huckaby
Freedom Christian Schools

“Women At Risk, Int’l has a burden for the needs of single women and their offspring that even the world seems to care little about. But in addition to the emotional needs of these women…”

~ Don Parvin
ABWE Member & College Professor

“Dear WAR, Int’l, the girls just texted me pics of what WAR is doing for them. I am crying. I love your heart. You love them like you are them. Very rarely am I around women…that love these girls like WAR does… “Thank you” is such an understatement that I feel like it’s an insult to say it to you. But since I have no other words, I guess thank you will have to do for now. You are totally the real deal. I love you so much.”

~ Anny
Founder of Eve’s Angels

“I am moved by your love for the women of the veil and all women at risk. I am touched by the depth of your passion and the magnitude of your undertaking… It is an inspiration to all women.”

~ Lynne Tellschow
Director of Women’s Ministries
Harvest Bible Church

“Dear WAR, Int’l, Thank you again for your protection! We have been having a soup and sandwich open house at the safehouse every Friday. We are having women come in off the streets and enjoy soup, fellowship, and LOTS of laughter! Then we bundle them all up in the MINISTRY JEEP and take them all home!!!!!!!!! Thanks to WAR for the vehicle!”

~ WAR, Int’l Safehouse Partner

“In the first place, I would like to thank you for your time when you were here and for listening to me… Already, we have experienced great growth in the number of [rescued] trafficking victims. I am working in churches and lifting groups throughout Spain, asking them to join us. Thank you. I appreciate the many occasions when you have lifted and given support to me. I want to thank you for those times that I have received support from your partnership. I would like to thank you.”

~ Spanish Partners

“WAR, Int’l, I just want to say thank you. Your presence with us encouraged our ministry to move to a higher level…. Thank you, thank you.”

~ Dominican Republic Partners


“We would not exist without Women At Risk, International.”

~Thai Partners


“WAR, Int’l, Thank you so much for speaking to us at the Grand Rapids North Rotary Club. We all thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your presence. Your message was eye opening. I know that Wright Chiropractic will keep you and your mission in our minds. Thank you once again.”

~ Wright Chiropractic
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Dear WAR, Int’l, as we look around at all the awareness and activism that has been created during these last few months, we want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for participating with Planting Hope in Michigan. The event was a HUGE success, and we know we could not have done it without you. We are so appreciative of Women At Risk’s participation at this event. The event would not have been such a success without you!”

~ Leah and Patty Steinhauser
Planting Hope in Michigan