Wear the Story, Share the Story

Join the journey of rescue!

It’s easy to feel discouraged when you think about the millions of people who are trafficked worldwide. But even small steps can make huge differences in the lives of survivors. WAR, Int’l invites you to walk with us as we work to create circles of protection around at-risk women and children.

We believe that stories are a powerful way of spreading awareness and hope. They humanize a statistic, infusing blood and flesh into a number. That’s why every purchase you make at the WAR Chest Boutique includes a story card. Each card describes the program from which the product came. Flip it over to find a true tale of redemption, the story of a program participant (whose name has been changed for privacy protection). Read it, remember it, and take a look at other WAR stories if you so wish (you can even download them and tack them to the fridge). If a friend mentions your new product, seize the opportunity to share the story attached to it.

When you shop at the WAR Chest Boutique, you don’t just empower an individual in a practical, tangible way and join her on the journey toward healing. You also receive the opportunity to spread the word about a woman like her—a woman whose life has been restored. You receive the opportunity to wear the story, share the story.

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Gray Wool Men's ScarfSamita Stripes Blue Scarf Wear the Story

One Dress, One Month, & One Mission

Taking action during trafficking awareness month

When the alarm clock forces your feet to escape their cave of warm blankets, the same old question comes to mind; “What am I going to wear?” Normally the choice is made from a large pile of pants, shirts, and skirts. But many men, women, and children across the globe have no choice at all. From the clothes on their back to their food and their daily work—everything is controlled. According to the US Department of State, an estimated 27 million people live as modern-day slaves. This dark reality, commonly known as “human trafficking,” continues to thrive as the third largest criminal enterprise (USDS). But during the month of January, groups and individuals alike will open closed doors, unveiling this hidden evil as a part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. One individual, Megan Cowley, is raising awareness in her own unique way—by picking out a dress.

Pearl NecklaceThe Plain Dress Project

During Human Trafficking Awareness month, Megan, a mother and teacher, will become a voice for the silenced through necklaces, scarves, and bracelets. “I am going to be wearing the same ‘Plain Dress’ every day and accessorize it with items I have acquired from various organizations that address the issue of human trafficking” said Megan, “Most of my jewelry and scarves are WAR products and near the end of the month we are going to host a WAR product party.”

As friends, family, and co-works ask Megan about her repeat dress, she will pass out a WAR Scarfsmall card with information and organizations, like Women At Risk, who address the global issue of human trafficking. “I am hoping that people will be moved from apathy to
awareness and then action. If I am able to generate awareness I will feel like that is a seed planted…” Such seeds have the power to challenge our daily living, call communities to action, and even offer rescue to the at-risk. Megan herself first became aware of human trafficking while watching a movie. When she later heard Becky McDonald speak at a conference, that seed became something powerful and life-changing.

WAR ShawlYour January Mission

During this month WAR, Int’l wants you to clothe those at-risk in dignity and worth, planting your own powerful seeds. Whether you are a doctor, teacher, parent, runner, or other, there is always a way to take action against injustice. “I believe that I can engage people in these relationships—to have conversations, to build awareness, to pray, and to support organizations at local, national, and global levels, both financially and through volunteer service” stated Megan, in the hopes that many others will join her in this mission.

During Human Trafficking Awareness Month only, you and a friend can each host a product party and receive a US Training Center necklace as our thanks to you. Or commit this month’s coffee funds to a necklace at the WARChest Boutique, to a WAR, Int’l partner, or even to the US Training Center right at WAR Headquarters, where your donation will be doubled. You can also follow Megan’s journey on Instagram @megancowley1 or by following #plaindressproject.

Let us know if you create your own project for Human Trafficking Awareness Month! We want to see how you’re taking action against Human Trafficking in January and beyond!

Calling All WARriors

Prayer Needed for Overseas Travel

world-heart Dear WARriors, During the cold month of January, WAR, Int’l president, Becky McDonald, will be traveling across oceans, greeted warmly by our partners, programs, and friends. On January 7th, she will take off for Amsterdam where Becky will meet Lena, a long-time friend of WAR, Int’l who was rescued from forced prostitution. Today, Lena is free and happily married, now anticipating the arrival of Becky, her “stand-in mom.” Soon after, Becky, Phil McDonald, and WAR Staff will travel to the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Ireland, meeting with potential partners and expanding our reach into new places of rescue. Please join us as we cover their travels in prayer and thanksgiving!

January 7 (Wednesday)

Becky travels to Amsterdam Morning
Traveling Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Amsterdam

January 8 (Thursday)

Becky Arrives in AmsterdamMorning

January 9 (Friday)

Becky travels to Manila, Philippines—Evening
Special prayer for rest as time zones change fast!

WAR Staff Travels to Manila—Morning
Traveling Pennsylvania, to Chicago, to Seoul

January 10 (Saturday)

WAR Staff arrives in Seoul, Korea—Evening

Becky arrives in Manila—Evening

January 10 (Saturday)

WAR Staff arrives in Manila—Evening

January 11-15 (Sun-Thurs)

Becky & Staff in Manila, Philippines
Pray that meetings & in-country travel will go smoothly

January 16 (Friday)

Becky & Staff travel from Manila to Bangkok, Thailand—Afternoon

January 17 (Saturday)

Becky & Staff in Bangkok

January 18 (Sunday)

Becky & Staff Travel to India City #1—Evening

January 19 (Monday)

Becky & Staff Arrive in India City #1—Morning

Becky & Staff fly to India City #2—Afternoon

Phil McDonald travels in India—Evening
Traveling Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Amsterdam

January 20 (Tuesday)

Phil McDonald changes flights in Amsterdam—Morning

January 20 (Tuesday)

Becky & Staff in India City #2

January 21 (Wednesday)

Phil McDonald arrives in India City #1—Morning

Becky returns to India City #1
Pray for WAR Staff as they return to the USA

January 22-24 (Thurs-Sat)

Becky & Phil in India City #1

January 25 (Sunday)

Becky & Phil travel to India City #3—Evening

January 26-27 (Mon-Tues)

Becky & Phil in India City #3

January 28 (Wednesday)

Becky & Phil travel to India City #4—Morning

January 29 (Thursday)

Becky & Phil return to City #1—Afternoon
Pray for rest, direction, and smooth sailing as Becky & Phil will be constantly on the move during their travels!

January 30 (Friday)

Becky & Phil travel to India City #5—Morning

January 31 (Saturday)

Becky & Phil in India City #5

February 1 (Sunday)

Becky & Phil return to City #1 –Morning

February 2 (Monday)

Becky & Phil in India City #1

February 3 (Tuesday)

Becky & Phil travel to Dublin—Morning
Traveling India City #1, to Amsterdam, to Dublin: Pray for good traveling conditions during this long flight!

February 4 (Wednesday)

Becky & Phil in Dublin

February 5 (Thursday)

Becky & Phil Dublin to Grand Rapids—Morning
Traveling Dublin, to Amsterdam, to Detroit, and to Grand Rapids: Pray that Becky & Phil can recover quickly as they return home from a month of constant travels