Team WAR


Human trafficking isn’t just something that happens overseas. It is everywhere—here in our own cities, communities, and neighborhoods. This is why we are calling you to arms. There is quote from Edmund Burke stating, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [and women] do nothing.” Here at Women At Risk, International, we refuse to do nothing, and we invite you to join us by participating in Team WAR 2020.

What is Team WAR? 

In the past seven years since its inception, Team WAR has been a Charity Run Partner with Gazelle Girl, a West Michigan-based 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon event where women from all over would meet in downtown Grand Rapids to run, walk, or wheel themselves throughout the city. 

FundRACERS, as we affectionately refer to Team WAR participants, help raise crucial funds for our 911 Rescue fund. This is our “immediate needs” fund, when there is an individual in immeninet danger and there is no time to fundraise or try and our only focus is that of rescue. 

Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to expand the participation of Team WAR as the racing event has become a virtual experience. We invite anyone and everyone to complete a virtual walk or run while fundRACING for Women At Risk, International. 

Sign up today to help us raise much needed funds to keep our mission of rescue and restoration going strong. Encourage your friends and family to make a small donation of any amount during this critical time, because the need for rescue never stops. Or, if you’d rather skip the activity, simply donate instead. Any and all participation is not only encouraged, but greatly appreciated. 

Call to Action

As your feet pound the pavement, let our mission to serve and protect pour steel in your backbone. YOU can make a difference. This is how you can fight against human trafficking in your community, in your neighborhood. Let’s push forward to create circles of protection around men, women, and children who are at risk and in need of rescue. Let us cross the virtual finish line together…

because human trafficking happens HERE… so this means WAR!