Garden of Hope
Dominican Republic

Yessica grew up longing for the love she never found within her family. In her search to fill this desperate need, she fled to the streets of the Dominican Republic, where drugs and prostitution quickly consumed her. This shattered lifestyle left Yessica broken, used, and pregnant. As she mothered her son, the weight of providing for his needs trapped her in prostitution’s hallow embrace. Night after night, the dark streets pulled Yessica in, using her as an object behind closed doors. Desperate, she prayed for escape and for the hope of freedom. At Garden of Hope, Yessica found a new path and a bright future. Today, she leans to make hand-crafted jewelry and earns an income with dignity. Amidst a safe and loving community, Yessica can care for her son, knowing her own beauty, value, and meaningful purpose.


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