River House

She hoped life would offer hope and happiness. Instead, Sarnai was mourning the loss of her husband and left to care for five children. The fear dragged her deeper into alcoholism, letting daily drinks muffle hidden pain. In hopes of supporting her hungry family, Sarnai forced herself into a life of prostitution. Her future promised only bitter survival, coupled with shame and fear. But a few years later, hope began to take shape. At River House, Sarnai became a skilled artisan and now spends her days peacefully crafting scarves and headbands, earning an income that supports her children. The loving staff see Sarnai, not for her broken past, but for her limitless potential. Each day, they witness her pouring love and encouragement into her fellow designers, spreading light and warmth. Sarnai hopes to learn more by attending school and soon use her skills to serve the community.


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