Cafe Feminino

Eliana worked hard, but she needed help. Her small plot of land barely fed her family, causing hunger and poverty to plague them like a violent illness. When a coffee farm for women opened near their home, Eliana desperately wanted to go. There, she knew she would learn how to use her land, to cook healthy meals, and develop an income for her family. Having never gone to school, Eliana was eager to learn. Her husband felt unsure. Age-old traditions and cultural expectations demanded that women remain in the home. But Café Feminino quickly benefited their family, and he too became excited to see his wife work and attend classes. As Eliana’s own children grew healthy, the entire community also flourished. Men and women began working together, farming land, selling produce, and discussing community issues. Eliana and others at Café Feminino feel empowered. They are not only capable of providing for their families but are regarded as valued community members.


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