Stitching Us Together

Ah Lam lived in a world of impenetrable silence. In rural China, no teacher was available for deaf children. So instead, Ah Lam stayed home while others went to school. She remained silent while others learned to read, write, and make friends. When a group of deaf students came to her village, Ah Lam learned how different life could be. She begged for a chance to attend a deaf training center, but her family refused. Determined, Ah Lam slowly learned sign language on her own and began planning a life apart from her family. She eagerly looked for work, but no one would hire an uneducated and unhearing girl. Ah Lam’s desperate search came to a joyful end at Stitching Us Together. There, she not only learned to sew and sell beautiful crafts, but she learned to see her own worth and value. Today, Ah Lam uses her hands to be a loud voice for girls who are still kept silent by deafness and disability.


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