Stitching Us Together


Many cultures marginalize those with disabilities. In rural China, where special teachers are unavailable, the deaf are kept from local schools and forced to depend on others for survival. In impoverished villages, deaf children are commonly sold or abandoned, believed to be burdens. Out of desperation, these outcasts resort to begging and prostitution. When their futures appear threadbare, Stitching Us Together offers the deaf and disabled dignity and hope. This close-knit community thrives on sign language. Joyful hands move at top speed, sewing tablecloths, toys and pillows, crafting cards, and communicating messages across the colorful workroom. Visitors are greeted with silent, but uncontained excitement. The talented seamstresses jump from their seats to pass out hugs and proudly show off new creations. Their new found skills not only provide safety and independence, but a daily reminder of their value and purpose.

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