Garden of Hope

Dominican Republic

As hot magma pours from underwater volcanoes, it violently clashes with its delicate world. The ferocious power enables fire and lava to thrive beneath sea level, pushing clouds of steam and ash towards the distant surface. In the middle of this destruction, the salty water forges something uniquely beautiful. As magma meets copper, tucked within the rocky earth, it creates the rare Larimar stone, a reflection not of volcanic chaos, but of peace and elegance. But this stone represents something much deeper for the rescued Dominican women at Garden of Hope. The abuse, addiction, and slavery that once brought chaos to their lives can now transform into futures of dignity and promise within a community of safety. As they use the Larimar stone to create rings, necklaces, and earrings, they are reminded of all that they have overcome. When you proudly wear the work of their hands, you join them in that celebration and share stories of hope, healing, and new beginnings.

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