Leaving For Central America, But Thinking About You

I am leaving for Central America with three jewelers to hang out with 440 women that make jewelry at the same time. This will be a logistical nightmare but we are ready, armed (with jewelery tools), prayed up and excited! You can be praying for us. Every time I walk into the world of wounded women…I am profoundly amazed at the resilience of the maternal instinct, feminine spirit and power of women to love on each other instead of tear each other down. If only I could take you in my back pocket to watch this in action. These 440 women come once a week to an all day collection of classes in nutrition, Bible, jewelery making, child care, and many other needed lessons. They come to a safe house that houses 98 rescued women and rescued children. They have been through the program and come out of prostitution (either forced or chosen out of desperation) and are now set free. In their homes, small groups meet to worship and hold them accountable to their new way of life with dignity.

We will be in one Central American country for a week and then leaving two Spanish speaking jewelers behind to train. Our chief jeweler and I will travel to another Central American country to train two smaller groups.

I share this with you for two reasons. One I want you to pray for our safety, focus (with 440 women to train and speed shopping through their wholesale markets to make sure this is locally sustainable product), team work, creativity for our chief jeweler, and brilliant and tender administrative abilities for our other two that are the key to the assembly line of 440 women making jewelery.

Secondly, I want this to encourage YOU! My heart today is focused not on the 440, plus 98 plus couple dozen in the second country…but on YOU. I learned long ago that the American woman is tired, beaten down, silenced just as effectively but usually in a totally different way. At first when I came home to the USA after literally decades of living and working with women of the Taliban world…I had little compassion for our pampered lives and whining. Then God ripped the blinders off my eyes (another story for another day) and broke my heart for the pain that is hidden, subtle, and just as primal and destructive in this “land of the free.” I care about being your voice if you are silenced by life as well!

Recently I heard a sermon that I either agreed with, disagreed with, or am still processing…BUT…the prayer at the end moved me to tears. As this Warrior Man prayed it over the women in the room you could hear a woman start wailing aloud, the searing pain of her heart broken by words from a man that had her heart in his grip and her worth and dignity on his agenda. It was freaky, powerful and searing. I had started to silently weep before I heard her woeful wail of pain. This was his prayer and this is my prayer for you….each of you precious women that read this. I believe in you. Yes, I have made it my life’s mission to empower you to stand tall, fly, dream, rejoice, and be all God intended you to be. You men that read this, pray this over your women and then live it.

“Holy Spirit, we just release a warrior’s cry over our women. Lord, we release them into their God given right to destroy the works of evil, to teach us compassion and love, nurturing and for the maternal instinct to return to the planet. May they give birth to the greatest revival in history. Lord, we bless them. We honor them, and we ask God, that you would change the mindset of religious and cultural values that has locked some of our best and brightest away in the prison of oppression. Thank you Lord. We just release them right now. Lord we pray that you would heal their broken hearts, that you would restore their soul. We pray for our daughters, and our granddaughters, and our great-granddaughters, that they would live without oppression, that they would not know oppression, that they would be free to dream, free to fly, free to create and free to be holy women. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. We pray for Haman to hang on the gallows that he created for these women, that he would fall into his own trap, that what was made to destroy a woman, our women, would destroy the works of evil. Thank you Lord. ”

On this spring day when new life is blooming in my garden…may the words of life, freedom, dignity, and joy take deep root in your heart and spring up like flowers, like the oak tree that is deeply rooted in the water of the Word. You are valuable, a Daughter of the King, and precious. The Elohim, Creator God that created you has designed you to flourish, fly, and be free. I love each one of you as much as I love the 440, the 98, and the others. My passion is equally for those living in their gilded cages of luxury, privilege, or behind white picket fences. I know there may be pain hiding in each of your hearts. There is not a one of us that is not broken in some way or walking beside someone that is broken. This life is broken. I care. I want you to know that TODAY. There is a whole organization of women and men who care. We are sold out, so Help Us God, till the day we breathe our last breath to breath new life into you too!

An Organization that is here for you while en route to Central America,
Rebecca McDonald


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