Job: Product Manager / New Product Developer

The Product Manager / New Product Developer is a full-time position responsible for overseeing
supervisors and procedures in product distribution. Responsibilities also include identifying potential new products; conducting market research; determining product
requirements and specifications; and maintaining partner relationships.

WAR, Int’l was established in 2006. We are represented in all 50 states, with partnerships in more than 50 countries, including the United States. Our goal is to create circles of protection and hope around women and children at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.






This individual will be responsible for the following tasks, as well as any additional tasks
determined by the organization:

  • Help support the vision and mission of Women At Risk, International through research and expanding products
  • Report and assist the Chief Buyer
  • Interview, hire, instruct, and oversee the Party Packing Supervisor, Product Assistant, Assistant Buyer, and Shipping and Receiving Personnel
  • Set goals and communicate updates to staff
  • Maintain communication between Assistant Buyer, Accounting, and Product Distribution for processing receipt of goods
  • Work closely with Assistant Buyer and US Training Center Product Supervisor to develop new products and determine cost, feasibility, and line of production
  • Maintain lines of communication between WAR, Int’l and its partners (domestic & international) as it relates to product
  • Facilitate monthly/weekly meetings to determine new product, sales channels, and product status changes
  • Deliver needed product to distribution channels, including storage, website, retail, consignment, and consultants
  • Oversee quality control and troubleshoot incoming product issues
  • Lead and prioritize multiple concurrent projects working with multiple departments


  • Oversee the physical inventory count process, assisting the Auditors at the end of each fiscal year
  • Problem-solve NCR Counterpoint issues as needed
  • Manage the placement and organization of all inventory stock
  • Oversee and document incoming new product
  • Identify opportunities for new product growth
  • Set department goals and oversee reporting
  • Partner with the marketing department for various sales, promotions and campaigns

Education & Experience

  • Associate’s degree required
  • Prior retail or buying experience preferred
  • Prior management experience preferred
  • Nonprofit experience preferred

Skills & Abilities

  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent organization and multitasking ability
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Project management and diplomatic skills
  • Computer skills (Excel) preferred
  • Self-discipline and ability to work independently
  • Knowledge of trends and design

For more information or to be considered as an applicant, please contact with your resume.