When Your Husband Walks another Path

My husband struggles with me spending time at church. Whether I’m there to fellowship, worship, learn, or volunteer, he doesn’t understand why I’d want to go. He’s a scientific thinker so the story of God and creation don’t add up in his mind. I think he is jealous when I spend time with God—whether at home or church.

6.1 When Your Husband Walks a Different pathRecently, we went out for breakfast on a Saturday morning and then stopped at my church’s new building to drop some things off. I took him inside and showed him around, feeling so proud that my church finally has a building of its own. When we got back in the car, he talked about how much he despises churches. We went back and forth about God, the Bible, and faith. This is a conversation that has been ongoing for years now—ever since I rededicated my life to Christ shortly after we married. He asked me, “What would it take for you to stop believing in God?” I thought for a second and answered, “I hope and pray nothing ever would. My belief in God isn’t based on what other people say or even just the Bible. My faith is something that lives inside of me. It makes me who I am. Everything good in me comes from Him. After having God come into my heart and life I can’t deny His existence.”

To my surprise he smiled and said, “Good. I like to think that nothing I say will dissuade you. I don’t want to take away something that you believe in.” Then, he promptly reminded me that he still isn’t interested in going to church, reading the Bible, or believing in God. But he can’t stop me from hoping! 

It’s very difficult to be walking one path while your husband walks another. I totally get why Jesus instructed us not to become yoked with an unbeliever. Marriage is hard enough without adding spiritual differences to the equation. But I’ll tell you, I’ve been given more love, more grace, more patience and more peace in my situation because I truly need to rely on God as my everything. He has loved my husband through me and given me peace. 

This is just a snapshot of a story that isn’t finished. I know I can’t make anyone believe anything, but I pray that I’ll be able to show him Jesus through my words and actions every day.


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