Cameroon Victory Center

With a bucket of water stationed firmly on her head, sixteen-year-old Martha made her way home to her mother. Carefully watching the road, she did not notice the group of men lurking behind her. Suddenly she was grabbed, pushed, and forced into a car. Locked in a hut, Martha was told that her uncles—her guardians by law since her father’s death—had arranged for her to become the fourth wife of a 50-year-old man. A week later, Martha forced her way out and fled into the night. She found refuge in the home of distant relatives, who smuggled her to Cameroon Victory Center. There Martha found safety, peace, and a new life as she learned to sew and sell beautiful creations. In time, she fell in love and married a man of her own choosing. Today, she continues her sewing as she and her husband happily raise their children. Grateful for the opportunities she was given, she looks for ways to speak into and help change the lives of other at-risk women.


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