CFR Visits Illinois

cfr1Why should you go to an anti-trafficking training conference? Human trafficking is a horrific issue, but it is hard to wrap your mind around the concept, much less know how on earth to take action against it. Like other global pandemics such as poverty and hunger, trafficking is much closer to us than we’d ever want to admit. Trafficking is not something that just happens “over there”; it is a real and present danger. Whatever you know (or don’t) know about trafficking, Women At Risk, International’s (WAR, Int’l) Civilian First Responder (CFR) conference is a must for anyone interested in learning about how to make a difference in the world around them.

CFR is an intensive one day training event for teachers, bus drivers, health care professionals, moms, dads, hair dressers, everyone! WAR, Int’l is on a mission to educate and equip communities to respond to the trafficking epidemic. Learn about the scope of human trafficking here in the land of the free and how to recognize the signs within your area of influence. Come and learn the 15 flashpoints that lure the trafficker to an area and the18 signs of trafficking. Discover helpful tips, action plans, and ways to protect the innocent.

This highly-sought-after event is coming to Orland Park, Illinois, at Parkview Christian Church on October 24, 2013, from 9:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.; everyone is welcome.
Tickets are $30 for the included lunch and materials. Register at or call 616-855-0796. The day is broken up into informative sessions that build on one another, so you won’t want to miss any!



cfr6Keynote speaker Rebecca McDonald is the founder and president of WAR, International and has spent three decades in international, anti-trafficking relief work. WAR, Int’l exists to create circles of protection and hope around at-risk women and children through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects. Becky is a highly-sought after speaker who travels the world, sharing her passion with schools, communities, law enforcement, legal and medical societies, Interpol, and Home Land Security.


cfr7Rhoda Kershaw is a precious survivor of trafficking with an angelic voice and a heart-breaking story. On what she thought was her lucky break, a singing tour in Japan, Rhoda instead found herself drugged and abducted by the mafia. Her three days of horror left her broken and even after escape, Rhoda had great difficulty finding support and healing. After years of struggle with her experience, Rhoda is now able to speak out, using her beautiful voice to encourage and educate on the subject of trafficking.


Eves AngelsEve’s Angels is a non-profit organization who ministers to women in the sex industry with the love of Jesus Christ.  Currently they do outreach in Chicago area streets, strip clubs, massage parlors, online escorting, hold Bible Studies with women, provide counseling, educations assistance, and much more. They are working hard toward opening their first safe house for women who need a safe place to be restored and become the wonderful individual God has intended them to be.  Eve’s Angels also has chapters in Grand Rapids, MI , Lansing MI, Detroit, MI, Orland Park, IL, South Barrington, IL, Indianapolis, IN, and continue to seek out areas of expansion as the need is too great to turn a blind eye to.  We look forward to hearing from the staff of Eve’s Angels and hearing from their heart how God is moving in Chicago.


Chris BakerChris Baker was leading a youth group encouraging kids to make a difference in the community, when together they came up with the idea to paint artistic murals over the walls of buildings defaced by gang graffiti. Chris realized gang markings went beyond graffiti on buildings; gangs relied on body-altering tattoos to signify everything from allegiance to the gang hierarchy to keeping tallies of violent criminal activity. He realized his greatest artistic love, tattoos, was to become his ministry calling, covering up the markings of dark and destructive lifestyles with beautiful works of art. INK 180 was born. Not only did he find this was true in the world of gangs, but that there was a horrific underground movement in human trafficking and tattoo branding.  Come and hear more of his story and what he is doing to make a difference.



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